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MEAM parameterization for cyclic and tensile deformations of Gold-Silver core-shell systems

  title={MEAM parameterization for cyclic and tensile deformations of Gold-Silver core-shell systems},
  author={Sk Md Ahnaf Akif Alvi and Abrar Faiyad and Md. Adnan Mahathir Munshi and Mohammad Motalab and Md Mahbubul Islam and Sourav Saha},
Gold-Silver (Au-Ag) core-shell nanostructures are gaining importance in stretchable electronics where high tensile and fatigue resistance is of paramount importance. This work proposes the parameterization of a modified embedded atomic model (MEAM) interatomic potential through density functional theory (DFT) calculations for investigating the role of dislocations and defect interaction governing the mechanical behavior of Au-Ag and Ag-Au Core-shell nanostructures under tensile and fatigue… Expand


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