MDS and Trilateration Based Localization in Wireless Sensor Network


Localization of sensor nodes is crucial in Wireless Sensor Network because of applications like surveillance, tracking, navigation etc. Various optimization techniques for localization have been proposed in literature by different researchers. In this paper, we propose a two phase hybrid approach for localization using Multidimensional Scaling and trilateration, namely, MDS with refinement using trilateration. Trilateration refines the estimated locations obtained by the MDS algorithm and hence acts as a post optimizer which improves the accuracy of the estimated positions of sensor nodes. Through extensive simulations, we have shown that the proposed algorithm is more robust to noise than previous approaches and provides higher accuracy for estimating the positions of sensor nodes.

DOI: 10.4236/wsn.2011.36023

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@article{Patil2011MDSAT, title={MDS and Trilateration Based Localization in Wireless Sensor Network}, author={Shailaja Patil and Mukesh A. Zaveri}, journal={Wireless Sensor Network}, year={2011}, volume={3}, pages={198-208} }