MDC1 is a mediator of the mammalian DNA damage checkpoint

  title={MDC1 is a mediator of the mammalian DNA damage checkpoint},
  author={G. Stewart and B. Wang and C. Bignell and A. Taylor and S. Elledge},
  • G. Stewart, B. Wang, +2 authors S. Elledge
  • Published 2003
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Nature
  • To counteract the continuous exposure of cells to agents that damage DNA, cells have evolved complex regulatory networks called checkpoints to sense DNA damage and coordinate DNA replication, cell-cycle arrest and DNA repair. It has recently been shown that the histone H2A variant H2AX specifically controls the recruitment of DNA repair proteins to the sites of DNA damage. Here we identify a novel BRCA1 carboxy-terminal (BRCT) and forkhead-associated (FHA) domain-containing protein, MDC1… CONTINUE READING
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