MCPH1/BRIT1 limits ionizing radiation-induced centrosome amplification

  title={MCPH1/BRIT1 limits ionizing radiation-induced centrosome amplification},
  author={Julie A. Brown and Emer Bourke and Catherine Liptrot and Peter Dockery and Ciaran G Morrison},
Microcephalin (MCPH1/BRIT1) is a potential tumour suppressor that localizes to the centrosome, forms ionizing radiation-induced nuclear foci (IRIF) and is involved in the DNA damage checkpoints that ensure genome stability. Here, we report the impact of Mcph1 disruption in the hyper-recombinogenic DT40 cell line. Mcph1−/− cells were viable and proliferated at the same rate as wild-type controls. Mcph1-deficient cells had intact G2-to-M checkpoint responses after ionizing radiation (IR… CONTINUE READING
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