MCNPX Improvements for Threat Reduction Applications

  title={MCNPX Improvements for Threat Reduction Applications},
  author={Laurie S. Waters and J. W. Jr. Durkee and J. Scott Elson and Ernst I. Esch and Michael Lorne Fensin and John Sherrell Hendricks and Shannon Holloway and Michael R. James and Andrew J. Jason and Russell Craig Johns and Michael William Johnson and Testuo Kawano and Gregg W Mckinney and Peter M{\"o}ller and Denise B. Pelowitz},
Enhancements contained in the current MCNPX 2.6.0 Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (RSICC) release will be presented, including stopped‐muon physics, delayed neutron and photon generation, and automatic generation of source photons. Preliminary benchmarking comparisons with data taken with a muon beam at the Paul Scherrer Institute Spallation Neutron Source accelerator will be discussed. We will also describe current improvements now underway, including Nuclear Resonance… CONTINUE READING

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