MBPA: A Medibchain-Based Privacy-Preserving Mutual Authentication in TMIS for Mobile Medical Cloud Architecture

  title={MBPA: A Medibchain-Based Privacy-Preserving Mutual Authentication in TMIS for Mobile Medical Cloud Architecture},
  author={Xiaoxue Liu and Wenping Ma and Hao Cao},
  journal={IEEE Access},
Telecare Medical Information System (TMIS) integrates various types of mobile devices and communication technologies to upgrade the traditional face-to-face medical treatment model to intelligent one, which can provide the flexible and convenient e-health care. Due to the complexity and openness of Internet, e-health care data is grabbing the interest of cyber attackers. Hence, security and privacy are still our dominant concerns. Fortunately, blockchain technology leverages decentralized or… Expand
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Blockchain-Based Access Control Scheme for Secure Shared Personal Health Records over Decentralised Storage
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A Comprehensive Survey on Security and Privacy for Electronic Health Data
  • Se-Ra Oh, Young-Duk Seo, Euijong Lee, Young-Gab Kim
  • Medicine
  • International journal of environmental research and public health
  • 2021
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Cloud-assisted mutual authentication and privacy preservation protocol for telecare medical information systems.
An enhanced version of Mohit et al.'s authentication protocol for cloud-assisted TMIS is introduced, which can ensure patient anonymity and patient unlinkability and prevent the security threats of report revelation and report forgery attacks. Expand
ETAP: Energy-Efficient and Traceable Authentication Protocol in Mobile Medical Cloud Architecture
The ETAP is proven to be safe against passive and active attacks under the elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem assumption in random oracle model and makes the ETAP very suitable for computation-limited mobile devices compared with other related existing protocols. Expand
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A Privacy-preserving Thin-client Authentication Scheme (PTAS) employing the idea of private information retrieval (PIR) is presented, which enables thin-clients to run normally like full node users and protect their privacy simultaneously and a ( m -1)-private PTAS is proposed which means thin-client’s information can be protected against a collusion of at most at most full nodes users. Expand