MATLAB-Simulink S-Function for modeling a digital MHO distance relay

  title={MATLAB-Simulink S-Function for modeling a digital MHO distance relay},
  author={Auday A. H. Mohamad and Essar Gafer Ahmed},
  journal={2015 International Conference on Computing, Control, Networking, Electronics and Embedded Systems Engineering (ICCNEEE)},
A new model for Mho relay algorithm in MATLAB based on Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm (FFT) has presented in this paper. The proposed MHO algorithm evaluated by using MATLAB to models a power system and simulates many fault conditions on a selected transmission line such as different fault locations, resistances with various fault angles. The proposed model has been tested under different conditions for single line to ground (SLG) fault, double line fault (LL), double line to ground fault… CONTINUE READING