MATLAB Simulation Model for PV System with MPPT Function


As the world’s power demand is increases photovoltaic power supply to the utility grid is gaining more and more visibility. The user wants to utilize maximum solar power of an array by operating the photovoltaic array at it’s highest energy conversion output. The electrical design considerations due to varying nature of the solar power generated resulting from unpredictable and sudden changes in weather conditions which change the solar irradiation level as well a In this paper, using MATLAB Simulink a mathematical model of a PV cell is developed and presented. In this model there are basic circuit equations of PV solar cells includ changes. There is also discussion about maximum power point tracking function. A mathematical model of MPPT function is developed and presented using MATLAB Simulink. The main objective is to find the pa non linear current – voltage equation by adjusting the curve at three points (1) Open circuit (2) Maximum Power (3) Short Circuit This method finds the best current voltage equation for the single diode PV model including the effect and parallel resistances. Keyword:MPPT Function, PV System, MATLAB Simulation

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