MAS and its related G protein-coupled receptors, Mrgprs.

  title={MAS and its related G protein-coupled receptors, Mrgprs.},
  author={Michael Bader and Natalia Alenina and Miguel A. Andrade-Navarro and Robson Santos},
  journal={Pharmacological reviews},
  volume={66 4},
The Mas-related G protein-coupled receptors (Mrgprs or Mas-related genes) comprise a subfamily of receptors named after the first discovered member, Mas. For most Mrgprs, pruriception seems to be the major function based on the following observations: 1) they are relatively promiscuous in their ligand specificity with best affinities for itch-inducing substances; 2) they are expressed in sensory neurons and mast cells in the skin, the main cellular components of pruriception; and 3) they appear… CONTINUE READING
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