MARS-MD: rejection based image domain material decomposition

  title={MARS-MD: rejection based image domain material decomposition},
  author={C. Bateman and D. Knight and B. Brandwacht and J. Mahon and J. Healy and R. Panta and R. Aamir and K. Rajendran and M. Moghiseh and M. Ramyar and D. Rundle and J. Bennett and N. D. Ruiter and D. Smithies and S. Bell and R. Doesburg and A. Chernoglazov and V. Mandalika and M. Walsh and M. Shamshad and M. Anjomrouz and A. Atharifard and L. V. Broeke and S. Bheesette and T. Kirkbride and N. Anderson and S. Gieseg and T. Woodfield and P. Renaud and A. Butler and P. Butler},
  journal={Journal of Instrumentation},
This paper outlines image domain material decomposition algorithms that have been routinely used in MARS spectral CT systems. These algorithms (known collectively as MARS-MD) are based on a pragmatic heuristic for solving the under-determined problem where there are more materials than energy bins. This heuristic contains three parts: (1) splitting the problem into a number of possible sub-problems, each containing fewer materials; (2) solving each sub-problem; and (3) applying rejection… Expand
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