MARS-MD: Rejection based image domain material decomposition

  title={MARS-MD: Rejection based image domain material decomposition},
  author={Christopher J. Bateman and Donald W. Knight and B. Brandwacht and James Mahon and Jacob L. Healy and Raj Kumar Panta and R. Aamir and Keerthi Rajendran and Mahdieh Moghiseh and M. Ramyar and Douglas Rundle and Jerome Bennett and Niels De Ruiter and D. J. Smithies and S. T. Bell and Robert M N Doesburg and Alexander I. Chernoglazov and V. B. H. Mandalika and Michael F. Walsh and Muhammad Shamshad and Marzieh Anjomrouz and Ali Atharifard and Lieza Vanden Broeke and Srinidhi Bheesette and Tracy Kirkbride and Neal G. Anderson and Steven P Gieseg and Timothy Bryan Francis Woodfield and Peter F. Renaud and A. P. H. Butler and Philip H Butler},
This paper outlines image domain material decomposition algorithms that have been routinely used in MARS spectral CT systems. These algorithms (known collectively as MARS-MD) are based on a pragmatic heuristic for solving the under-determined problem where there are more materials than energy bins. This heuristic contains three parts: (1) splitting the problem into a number of possible sub-problems, each containing fewer materials; (2) solving each sub-problem; and (3) applying rejection… CONTINUE READING


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