MAPS: An integrated framework for MPSoC application parallelization

  title={MAPS: An integrated framework for MPSoC application parallelization},
  author={Jianjiang Ceng and Jer{\'o}nimo Castrill{\'o}n and Weihua Sheng and Hanno Scharw{\"a}chter and Rainer Leupers and Gerd Ascheid and Heinrich Meyr and Tsuyoshi Isshiki and Hiroaki Kunieda},
  journal={2008 45th ACM/IEEE Design Automation Conference},
In the past few years, MPSoC has become the most popular solution for embedded computing. However, the challenge of programming MPSoCs also comes as the biggest side-effect of the solution. Especially, when designers have to face the legacy C code accumulated through the years, the tool support is mostly unsatisfactory. In this paper, we propose an… CONTINUE READING

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