MAP3K-related kinase involved in NF-KB induction by TNF, CD95 and IL-1

  title={MAP3K-related kinase involved in NF-KB induction by TNF, CD95 and IL-1},
  author={Nikolai L. Malinin and Mark P Boldin and Andrei V. Kovalenko and David Wallach},
Several members of the tumour-necrosis/nerve-growth factor (TNF/NGF) receptor family activate the transcription factor NF-KB through a common adaptor protein, Traf2 (refs 1–5), whereas the interleukin 1 type-I receptor activates NF-KB independently of Traf2 (ref. 4). We have now cloned a new protein kinase, NIK, which binds to Traf2 and stimulates NF-KB activity. This kinase shares sequence similarity with several MAPKK kinases. Expression in cells of kinase-deficient NIK mutants fails to… CONTINUE READING
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