MAOI activity of thiosemicarbazides and related 2-thiazolylhydrazines.

  title={MAOI activity of thiosemicarbazides and related 2-thiazolylhydrazines.},
  author={Rosario Pignatello and S. Mazzone and Francesco Castelli and Peter Mazzone and Giuseppina Raciti and G Mazzone},
  journal={Die Pharmazie},
  volume={49 4},
The preparation is described of hydrazides I, thiosemicarbazides II, III, IV and hydrazinothiazoles VIII, which can be considered as "precursors" or "open models" for the synthesized benzoyl-, benzilidene- and benzyl-hydrazinothiazoles V, VI and VII, analogous to 4-methyl and 4-phenyl substituted derivatives A, B and C, described and tested for their MAOI activity in a previous paper. Biochemical assay on the new prepared compounds allowed us to better clarify the structure-activity… CONTINUE READING

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