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MANAGEMENT Measuring radiologist workload : past , present and future

  title={MANAGEMENT Measuring radiologist workload : past , present and future},
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Workload of radiologists in United States in 2006-2007 and trends since 1991-1992.

Radiologists' workload continued to increase in recent years, and regression analysis showed that practices that used external off-hours teleradiology services performed 27% more procedures than otherwise similar practices that did not use these services.

Job stress and satisfaction among clinical radiologists.

Examination of sources of stress and satisfaction at work for radiologists and hospital consultants in other specialties found radiologists reported less satisfaction than the other specialists from many of the aspects of work measured.

Radiologist workloads in teaching hospital departments: measuring the workload.

A practical and simple workload measuring method based on relative value units derived from the RANZCR model is proposed, and a number of proposals for Australian teaching radiology departments are put forward to advance the issue of radiologist workloads in a disciplined manner.

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR) relative value unit workload model, its limitations and the evolution to a safety, quality and performance framework

Clear recommendations for the development of an updated national reporting workload RVU system are available, and an opportunity now exists for developing a much broader national model that enables value mapping, measurement and benchmarking.

Liability of interpreting too many radiographs.

  • L. Berlin
  • Medicine
    AJR. American journal of roentgenology
  • 2000

Radiologist supply and workload: international comparison

The number of radiologists in Japan is the lowest among the 26 countries, and the workload is the highest, and it showed that for Japan to provide sustainable and quality health care 8614 diagnostic radiologists—2.5 times the present number—would be required.

Measuring Consultant Radiologist workload: method and results from a national survey

  • A. Brady
  • Medicine, Political Science
    Insights into imaging
  • 2011
Irish Consultant Radiologist staffing levels are well below appropriate international benchmarks for the current workload, and approximately one-third of radiologist time is engaged in activity not easily counted in study numbers.