MALDI mass spectrometry imaging of proteins exceeding 30,000 daltons.

  title={MALDI mass spectrometry imaging of proteins exceeding 30,000 daltons.},
  author={Julien Franck and R{\'e}mi Longuesp{\'e}e and Maxence Wisztorski and Alexandra van Remoortere and Ren{\'e} J. M. van Zeijl and Andr{\'e} M. Deelder and Michel Salzet and Liam A McDonnell and Isabelle Fournier},
  journal={Medical science monitor : international medical journal of experimental and clinical research},
  volume={16 9},
BACKGROUND Since its introduction 10 years ago by Caprioli and associates, MALDI mass spectrometry imaging has enabled spatial analysis of drugs, lipids, peptides, and polypeptides. In polypeptides, the detectable mass range is limited to small proteins with a mass less than 25 kDa. This is a limitation, as many proteins, including cytokines, growth factors, enzymes, and receptors have molecular weights, exceeding 25 kDa. In the present work, we report the development of a novel strategy to… CONTINUE READING