MALDI imaging techniques dedicated to drug-distribution studies.

  title={MALDI imaging techniques dedicated to drug-distribution studies.},
  author={David Bonnel and Raphael Legouffe and Nicolas Willand and Alain R Baulard and Gregory Hamm and Benoit D{\'e}prez and Jonathan Stauber},
  volume={3 12},
Previously, MS was often used to analyze the composition and structure of biological molecules present in solutions. Today, technology developments enable the application of MS for the analysis of localized biomolecules on biological tissue surfaces. This technique is called MS imaging. MALDI imaging MS is a technique whereby thousands of compounds present in a tissue section are detected simultaneously without labeling. Although initially used for the detection of biomolecules such as peptides… CONTINUE READING

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Introduction of a 20 kHz Nd . YVO 4 laser into a hybrid quadrupole timeofflight mass spectrometer for MALDIMS imaging

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