[MALDI-TOF MS Comparison of Blood Culture Positive Bottle Pretreatment Kit].


Identification of bacteria of sepsis or bacteremia is a useful result for treatment policy. In recent years, bacterial identification has become possible from blood culture bottles by MALDI‒TOF, but it is not as accurate as bacterial identification from agar colonies. Blood culture pretreatment kit (MALDI Sepcityper Kit) is currently on sale from Bruker. However, the current situation has not reached good accuracy. This time, a new blood culture pretreatment kit appeared, so I studied. Up to now, the blood culture pretreatment kit was only MALDI Sepcityper Kit using enzyme digestion method. Rapid BAC pro (Nittobo) is a pretreatment kit using nanomaterials. This time, comparison examination (total number 40 samples) was done. Among them, 33 specimens were identified by MALDI Sepcityper Kit. There were 21 specimens that could be identified by rapid BAC pro. In this study, rapid BAC pro did not show superior results over MALDI Sepcityper Kit.

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