MALDI-MS imaging for the study of tissue pharmacodynamics and toxicodynamics.


Pharmacodynamics and toxicodynamics are the study of the biochemical and physiological effects of therapeutic agents and toxicants and their mechanisms of action. MALDI-MS imaging offers great potential for the study of pharmaco/toxicodynamic responses in tissue owing is its ability to study multiple biomarkers simultaneously in a label-free manner. Here, existing examples of such studies examining anticancer drugs and topically applied treatments are described. Examination of the literature shows that the use of MS imaging in pharmaco/toxicodynamic studies is in fact quite low. The reasons for this are discussed and potential developments in the methodology that might lead to its further use are described.

DOI: 10.4155/bio.14.280

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@article{Patel2015MALDIMSIF, title={MALDI-MS imaging for the study of tissue pharmacodynamics and toxicodynamics.}, author={Ekta P Patel and Laura M. Cole and Robert D Bradshaw and Afnan Batubara and Christopher Mitchell and S Francese and Malcolm Ronald Clench}, journal={Bioanalysis}, year={2015}, volume={7 1}, pages={91-101} }