MADMAX - Management and analysis database for multiple ~omics experiments

  title={MADMAX - Management and analysis database for multiple ~omics experiments},
  author={Ke Lin and Harrie Kools and Philip J. de Groot and Anand K. Gavai and Ram Kumar Basnet and Feng Cheng and Jian Wu and Xiaowu Wang and Arjen Lommen and Guido J. E. K. Hooiveld and Guusje Bonnema and Richard G. F. Visser and Michael R. M{\"u}ller and Jack A. M. Leunissen},
  journal={Journal of integrative bioinformatics},
  volume={8 2},
The rapid increase of ~omics datasets generated by microarray, mass spectrometry and next generation sequencing technologies requires an integrated platform that can combine results from different ~omics datasets to provide novel insights in the understanding of biological systems. MADMAX is designed to provide a solution for storage and analysis of complex ~omics datasets. In addition, analysis results (such as lists of genes) will be merged to reveal candidate genes supported by all datasets… CONTINUE READING


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