MAC layer design for UWB LDR systems: PULSERS proposal

  title={MAC layer design for UWB LDR systems: PULSERS proposal},
  author={Isabelle Bucaille and Arnaud Tonnerre and Laurent Ouvry and Beno{\^i}t Denis},
  journal={2007 4th Workshop on Positioning, Navigation and Communication},
This paper details the medium access control (MAC) layer designed in the PULSERS project for low data rate (LDR) systems, whose main features are low power consumption, low complexity location and relaying capabilities. The MAC developed in PULSERS is based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, which, in spite of many virtues, is not the ideal solution for the targeted UWB applications. Thus, the MAC implemented in the project deviates from the standard in a few areas such as the support to peer-to… CONTINUE READING
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