M6P/IGF2R imprinting evolution in mammals.

  title={M6P/IGF2R imprinting evolution in mammals.},
  author={James K. Killian and James C. Byrd and J V Jirtle and Barry L. Munday and Michael K. Stoskopf and Richard G Macdonald and Randy L. Jirtle},
  journal={Molecular cell},
  volume={5 4},
Imprinted gene identification in animals has been limited to eutherian mammals, suggesting a significant role for intrauterine fetal development in the evolution of imprinting. We report herein that M6P/IGF2R is not imprinted in monotremes and does not encode for a receptor that binds IGF2. In contrast, M6P/IGF2R is imprinted in a didelphid marsupial, the opossum, but it strikingly lacks the differentially methylated CpG island in intron 2 postulated to be involved in imprint control. Thus… CONTINUE READING
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