M5-brane and D-brane scattering amplitudes

  title={M5-brane and D-brane scattering amplitudes},
  author={Matthew Heydeman and John H. Schwarz and Congkao Wen},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractWe present tree-level n-particle on-shell scattering amplitudes of various brane theories with 16 conserved supercharges. These include the world-volume theory of a probe D3-brane or D5-brane in 10D Minkowski spacetime as well as a probe M5-brane in 11D Minkowski spacetime, which describes self interactions of an abelian tensor supermultiplet with 6D (2, 0) supersymmetry. Twistor-string-like formulas are proposed for tree-level scattering amplitudes of all multiplicities for each of… 

D3-brane loop amplitudes from M5-brane tree amplitudes

We study loop corrections to scattering amplitudes in the world-volume theory of a probe D3-brane, which is described by the supersymmetric Dirac-Born-Infeld theory. We show that the D3-brane loop

Electromagnetic duality and D3-brane scattering amplitudes beyond leading order

We use on-shell methods to study the non-supersymmetric and supersymmetric low-energy S-matrix on a probe D3-brane, including both the 1-loop contributions of massless states as well as the effects

M5-brane amplitudes

  • J. Schwarz
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical
  • 2020
The dynamics of a probe M5-brane, embedded as a hypersurface in eleven-dimensional Minkowski spacetime, is described by a six-dimensional world-volume theory. This theory has a variety of interesting

All Tree Amplitudes of 6D (2,0) Supergravity: Interacting Tensor Multiplets and the K3 Moduli Space.

We present a twistorlike formula for the complete tree-level S matrix of six-dimensional (6D) (2,0) supergravity coupled to 21 Abelian tensor multiplets. This is the low-energy effective theory that

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We introduce a spinorial version of the scattering equations, the polarized scattering equations, that incorporates spinor polarization data. They lead to new formulae for tree-level scattering

Spinor-helicity formalism for massive and massless amplitudes in five dimensions

Five-dimensional gauge and gravity theories are known to exhibit striking properties. D = 5 is the lowest dimension where massive tensor states appear naturally, providing a testing ground for

The SAGEX review on scattering amplitudes Chapter 6: Ambitwistor Strings and Amplitudes from the Worldsheet

Starting with Witten’s twistor string, chiral string theories have emerged that describe field theory amplitudes without the towers of massive states of conventional strings. These models are known

The S matrix of 6D super Yang-Mills and maximal supergravity from rational maps

A bstractWe present new formulas for n-particle tree-level scattering amplitudes of six-dimensional N=11$$ \mathcal{N}=\left(1,1\right) $$ super Yang-Mills (SYM) and N=22$$

Recursion and worldsheet formulae for 6d superamplitudes

Recently two of the authors presented a spinorial extension of the scattering equations, the polarized scattering equations that incorporates spinor polarization data. These led to new worldsheet

All-multiplicity one-loop amplitudes in Born-Infeld electrodynamics from generalized unitarity

We initiate a study of non-supersymmetric Born-Infeld electrodynamics in 4d at the quantum level. Explicit all-multiplicity expressions are calculated for the purely rational one-loop amplitudes in



Amplitudes for Multiple M5 Branes

We study N = (N, 0) super-Poincaré invariant six-dimensional massless and five-dimensional massive on-shell amplitudes. We demonstrate that in six dimensions, all possible three-point amplitudes

Gauge invariant and gauge fixed D-brane actions

Amplitudes of 3D and 6D maximal superconformal theories in supertwistor space

We use supertwistor space to construct scattering amplitudes of maximal superconformal theories in three and six dimensions. In both cases, the constraints of super-conformal invariance and

Chiral three-point interactions in 5 and 6 dimensions

A bstractWe study $ \mathcal{N}=\left( {N,0} \right) $ super-Poincaré invariant six-dimensional massless and five-dimensional massive on-shell amplitudes. We demonstrate that in six dimensions, all

Dirac-Born-Infeld-Volkov-Akulov and deformation of supersymmetry

A bstractWe deform the action and the supersymmetry transformations of the d = 10 and d = 4 Maxwell supermultiplets so that at each order of the deformation the theory has 16 Maxwell multiplet

Scattering equations and matrices: from Einstein to Yang-Mills, DBI and NLSM

A bstractThe tree-level S-matrix of Einstein’s theory is known to have a representation as an integral over the moduli space of punctured spheres localized to the solutions of the scattering

New Fermionic Soft Theorems for Supergravity Amplitudes.

It is proposed that universal double-soft behavior is not only true for scalars, but also for spin-1/2 particles in four dimensions and fermions in three dimensions, and that amplitudes in 4≤N≤8 supergravity theories in four dimension as well as N=16 supergravity in three dimension behave universally in the double- soft-fermion limit, analogous to the scalar ones.