M2e-based universal influenza A vaccine.

  title={M2e-based universal influenza A vaccine.},
  author={Walter Fiers and Marina De Filette and Karim El Bakkouri and Bert Schepens and Kenny Roose and Michael Schotsaert and Ashley Birkett and Xavier Saelens},
  volume={27 45},
Human influenza causes substantial morbidity and mortality. Currently, licensed influenza vaccines offer satisfactory protection if they match the infecting strain, but they come with significant drawbacks. These vaccines are derived from prototype viruses, containing the hemagglutinin of influenza viruses that are likely to cause the next epidemic. Their usefulness against a future pandemic, however, remains problematic. A vaccine based on the ectodomain of influenza matrix protein 2 (M2e… CONTINUE READING


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