M theory on eight manifolds

  title={M theory on eight manifolds},
  author={Katrin Becker and Melanie Becker},
  journal={Nuclear Physics},
Abstract We show that in certain compactifications of M-theory on eight-manifolds to three-dimensional Minkowski space-time the four-form field strength can have a non-vanishing expectation value, while an N = 2 supersymmetry is preserved. For these compactifications a warp factor for the metric has to be taken into account. This warp factor is non-trivial in three space-time dimensions due to Chern-Simons corrections to the fivebrane Bianchi identity. While the original metric on the internal… 
Compactifying M-theory to four dimensions
We consider compactifications of M-theory to four-dimensional Minkowski space on seven-dimensional non-compact manifolds. These compactifications include a warp factor which is non constant due to
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Abstract We study solutions to the eleven-dimensional supergravity action, including terms quartic and cubic in the Riemann curvature, that admit an eight-dimensional compact space. The internal
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We calculate the most general causal N=1 three-dimensional, gauge invariant action coupled to matter in superspace and derive its component form using ectoplasmic integration theory. One example of
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We compactify M-theory on seven-manifolds with a warp-factor and G-fluxes on the internal space. Because of non-zero G-fluxes, we are forced to adopt a Majorana supersymmetry spinor ansatz which does
A Note on compactifications on spin(7) - holonomy manifolds
In this note we consider compactifications of Script M-theory on Spin(7)-holonomy manifolds to three-dimensional Minkowski space. In these compactifications a warp factor is included. The conditions
M-Theory Vacua from Warped Compactifications on Spin(7) Manifolds
Abstract At the leading order, M -theory admits minimal supersymmetric compactifications if the internal manifold has exceptional holonomy. Once we take into account higher order quantum correction
Supersymmetric M-theory compactifications with fluxes on seven-manifolds and G-structures
We consider Minkowski compactifications of M-theory on generic seven-dimensional manifolds. After analyzing the conditions on the four-form flux, we establish a set of relations between the
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We study M theory compactifications on manifolds of $G_2$-holonomy with gauge and matter fields supported at singularities. We show that, under certain topological conditions, the combination of
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We show how supersymmetry conditions for flux compactifications of supergravity and string theory can be described in terms of a flat subalgebra of the Kahler-Atiyah algebra of the compactification
Supersymmetric AdS5 solutions of M-theory
We analyse the most general supersymmetric solutions of D = 11 supergravity consisting of a warped product of five-dimensional anti-de Sitter space with a six-dimensional Riemannian space M 6 , with


Compactifications ofd=11 supergravity on Kähler manifolds
We consider compactifications of eleven-dimensional supergravity to five and three spacetime dimensions, on internal spacesK6 andK2×K6, whereKn denotes ann-dimensional Kähler manifold. The
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Abstract We examine the conditions under which the ground state of d = 11 supergravity can be supersymmetric and be of the form M 4 ⊗ B 7 with M 4 Minkowski spacetime and B 7 a compact
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Abstract The conditions for residual supersymmetry in compactified ten-dimensional supergravity theories are investigated, including the effect of a non-constant “warp factor”. The analysis is based
Evidence for F theory
Abstract We construct compact examples of D-manifolds for type IIB strings. The construction has a natural interpretation in terms of compactification of a 12-dimensional `F-theory'. We provide
Nowhere-vanishing spinors and triality rotations in 8-manifolds
Using methods from differential geometry and index theorems, the authors give simple derivations of the criteria for the existence of nowhere-vanishing spinor fields on compact Riemannian manifolds.
Three-dimensional supergravity and the cosmological constant.
  • Becker, Strominger
  • Physics, Medicine
    Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1995
Witten has argued that in 2+1 dimensions local supersymmetry can ensure the vanishing of the cosmological constant without requiring the equality of Bose and Fermi masses. We find that this mechanism
New vacua for type II string theory
Abstract Lorentz-invariant expectation values for antisymmetric tensor field strengths in Calabi-Yau compactification of IIA string theory are considered. These are found to impart magnetic and/or
Non-perturbative superpotentials in string theory
Abstract The non-perturbative superpotential can be effectively calculated in M-theory compactification to three dimensions on a Calabi-Yau four-fold X. For certain X, the superpotential is
The Embedding of Gauged $N=8$ Supergravity Into $d=11$ Supergravity
Abstract We investigate several aspects of the embedding of gauged N = 8 supergravity into d = 11 supergravity and give the full nonlinear metric ansatz for this embedding. This allows us to rederive
Superstrings with Torsion
Abstract The conditions for spacetime supersymmetry of the heterotic superstring in backgrounds with arbitrary metric, torsion, Yang-Mills and dilaton expectation values are determined using the