M-theory PP-Waves , Penrose Limits and Supernumerary Supersymmetries

  title={M-theory PP-Waves , Penrose Limits and Supernumerary Supersymmetries},
  author={Mirjam Cveti{\vc} and H. Y. Lue and Cydne Pope},
We study supersymmetric pp-waves in M-theory, their dimensional reduction to D0-branes or pp-waves in type IIA, and their T-dualisation to solutions in the type IIB theory. The general class of pp-waves that we consider encompass the Penrose limits of AdS p × S q, but includes also many other examples that can again lead to exactly-solvable massive strings, but which do not arise from Penrose limits. All the pp-waves in D = 11 have 16 " standard " Killing spinors, but in certain cases one finds… CONTINUE READING
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