M ay 2 00 0 CsI ( Tl ) for WIMP dark matter searches

  title={M ay 2 00 0 CsI ( Tl ) for WIMP dark matter searches},
  author={V. A. Kudryavtsev and N. J. C. Spooner and Daniel R. Tovey and Joseph W. Roberts and Matthew J. Lehner and Jacob E. McMillan and Paula Lightfoot and Tim Lawson and Christopher Peak and Roland L{\"u}scher and Jackie Barton},
We report a study of CsI(Tl) scintillator to assess its applicability in experiments to search for dark matter particles. Measurements of the mean scintillation pulse shapes due to nuclear and electron recoils have been performed. We find that, as with NaI(Tl), pulse shape analysis can be used to discriminate between electron and nuclear recoils down to 4… CONTINUE READING