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M ar 2 01 2 On the geometry of double field theory by Izu Vaisman

  title={M ar 2 01 2 On the geometry of double field theory by Izu Vaisman},
  • Published 2013
  • Mathematics
Double field theory was developed by theoretical physicists as a way to encompass T -duality. In this paper, we express the basic notions of the theory in differential-geometric invariant terms, in the framework of paraKähler manifolds. We define metric algebroids, which are vector bundles with a bracket of cross sections that has the same metric compatibility property as a Courant bracket. We show that a double field gives rise to two canonical connections, whose scalar curvatures can be… 

Double field theory, twistors, and integrability in 4-manifolds

The search for a geometrical understanding of dualities in string theory, in particular T-duality, has led to the development of modern T-duality covariant frameworks such as Double Field Theory,

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The integration problem of a C-bracket and a Vaisman (metric, pre-DFT) algebroid which are geometric structures of double field theory (DFT) is analyzed. We introduce a notion of a pre-rackoid as a

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We give a formulation of Double Field Theory (DFT) based on a metric algebroid. We derive a covariant completion of the Bianchi identities, i.e. the pre-Bianchi identity in torsion and an improved

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We introduce T-duality invariant versions of D-branes in doubled geometry using a global covariant framework based on para-Hermitian geometry and metric algebroids. We define D-branes as conformal

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Abstract In this short paper, we will review the proposal of a correspondence between the doubled geometry of Double Field Theory and the higher geometry of bundle gerbes. Double Field Theory is

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A double field theory algebroid (DFT algebroid) is a special case of the metric (or Vaisman) algebroid, shown to be relevant in understanding the symmetries of double field theory. In particular, a

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The history of the geometry of Double Field Theory is the history of string theorists' effort to tame higher geometric structures. In this spirit, the first part of this paper will contain a brief

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A DFT algebroid is a special case of the metric (or Vaisman) algebroid, shown to be relevant in understanding the symmetries of double field theory. In particular, a DFT algebroid is a structure

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Kaluza‐Klein Theory states that a metric on the total space of a principal bundle P→M , if it is invariant under the principal action of P, naturally reduces to a metric together with a gauge field

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In recent development of double field theory, as for the description of the massless sector of closed strings, the spacetime dimension is formally doubled, i.e. from D to D+D, and the T-duality is

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We investigate the symmetry algebra of the recently proposed field theory on a doubled torus that describes closed string modes on a torus with both momentum and winding. The gauge parameters are

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The generalized metric is a T-duality covariant symmetric matrix constructed from the metric and two-form gauge field and arises in generalized geometry. We view it here as a metric on the doubled

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In his study of Dirac structures, a notion which includes both Poisson structures and closed 2-forms, T. Courant introduced a bracket on the direct sum of vector fields and 1-forms. This bracket does

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Homogeneous para-Kähler Einstein manifolds

A para-Kahler manifold can be defined as a pseudo-Riemannian manifold with a parallel skew-symmetric para-complex structure , that is, a parallel field of skew-symmetric endomorphisms with or,

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