M-AMBI revisited: looking inside a widely-used benthic index

  title={M-AMBI revisited: looking inside a widely-used benthic index},
  author={Marco Sigovini and Erica Keppel and Davide Tagliapietra},
M-AMBI is a multimetric index for assessing the ecological quality status of marine and transitional waters. [] Key Result This enabled us to point out that FA is not functional to M-AMBI, and its omission does not appreciably change the results. We then enhanced the applicability of the index, making it independent of the number of samples. In this way, M-AMBI is closely approximated by the simple mean of the normalised metrics with no need for multivariate techniques.

Towards the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in Mediterranean transitional waters: the use of macroinvertebrates as biological quality elements

During the last decade the Water Framework Directive (WFD) has driven scientific community endeavours towards the development of assessment tools to determine the Ecological Quality Status (EQS) for

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Assessment of benthic macroinvertebrate response to anthropogenic and natural disturbances in the Kodungallur-Azhikode estuary, southwest coast of India

The present study recommends long-term monitoring of benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages with proper taxonomic identification and functional trait analysis for better calibration of indices, which is the key factor for getting better results.



Assessing estuarine benthic quality conditions in Chesapeake Bay: A comparison of three indices

The suitability of the marine biotic index ( AMBI ) to new impact sources along European coasts

In recent years, several benthic biotic indices have been proposed to be used as ecological indicators in estuarine and coastal waters. One such indicator, the AZTI Marine Biotic Index (AMBI), was

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A new biotic index (BENTIX) is proposed based on the relative percentages of three ecological groups of species grouped according to their sensitivity or tolerance to disturbance factors and weighted proportionately to obtain a formula rendering a five step numerical scale of ecological quality classification.