Münchhausen's syndrome in an HIV-sero-indeterminate patient

  title={M{\"u}nchhausen's syndrome in an HIV-sero-indeterminate patient},
  author={D. F.CaronM. and D. P.YoungM. and D. H.VilleneuveM. and D. I.GueitM. and D. F.LecomteM. and D. G.HumbertM. and D. I.MendelM. and D. M.PestelPharm.},
Cases of factitious A I D S have been repor ted with increasing frequency since the onset of the A I D S epidemic, but remain very uncommon in HIV-infec ted patients. To date, among the 17 cases of factitious A I D S repor ted in the international l i terature [1-3], only three cases were observed among HIV-infected patients, all three at the asymptomat ic… CONTINUE READING