Müller-Weiss disease: clinical and biomechanical features.

  title={M{\"u}ller-Weiss disease: clinical and biomechanical features.},
  author={Ernesto Maceira and Ram{\'o}n Rochera},
  journal={Foot and ankle clinics},
  volume={9 1},
Müller-Weiss disease is a rare condition that is characterized by an odd deformation of the tarsal navicular, which may appears queezed and eventually fragmented between the talar head and the lateral cuneiforms. Because the head of the talus protrudes laterally, the subtalar joint remains in an inverted position. The plantar arch may correspond to that of a normal, cavus, or flat foot. The disease is not the consequence of a osteonecrotic process but results from impaired development of the… CONTINUE READING