Mössbauer study of Се2Fe17 compound in different magnetic states

  title={M{\"o}ssbauer study of Се2Fe17 compound in different magnetic states},
  author={Stepan P. Naumov and Vladimir V. Serikov and N. M. Kleinerman and Anatoly Kuchin and N. V. Mushnikov and Farit G. Vagizov},
Abstract Mossbauer spectra of two samples of the Ce2Fe17 compound have been analyzed and hyperfine parameters, compared. The samples were subjected to different preparation techniques and display different magnetic properties. It is established that to well fit the Mossbauer spectra of these samples, an appropriate model should be used that takes into account an additional subspectrum differing in hyperfine parameters from the subspectra employed in conventional models. It is shown that in the… CONTINUE READING