Mês do cérebro: uma ação visando a popularização da neurociência com alunos de ensino médio, em uma escola do DF, Brasil

  title={M{\^e}s do c{\'e}rebro: uma aç{\~a}o visando a popularizaç{\~a}o da neuroci{\^e}ncia com alunos de ensino m{\'e}dio, em uma escola do DF, Brasil},
  author={Karina Mendes de Carvalho and Jo{\~a}o Paulo Cunha Menezes},
The popularization of science or scientific dissemination is a process that aims to communicate scientific information to the general public through various strategies and it is an important tool to be used in the educational context, since many scientific knowledge is not incorporated into the materials or, when they are, it takes a long time to happen. One of these subjects that it is not in the materials is the Neuroscience, which is a subject that the public and the social medias have great… CONTINUE READING

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