Métodos de extração para quantificação de manganês disponível em fertilizantes

  title={M{\'e}todos de extraç{\~a}o para quantificaç{\~a}o de mangan{\^e}s dispon{\'i}vel em fertilizantes},
  author={Ana Rosa Ribeiro Bastos and Janice Guedes de Carvalho and Eric Victor de Oliveira Ferreira and Leilson Ant{\^o}nio de Faria J{\'u}nior and Jos{\'e} Carlos Alcarde},
The solubility of Mn in different fertilizers (MnSO4.H2O-p.a., MnO2-p.a.+MnO-Ind., MnO2-Ind.+MnO-Ind., MnO2-p.a., MnO2-Ind. and MnO-Ind.) was determined using different methodologies: total content and soluble contents in water, 10% H2SO4, citric acid at 20 g L-1, diluted neutral ammonium citrate, (1+9) and DTPA at 0.005 mol L-1. The Mn solubilities in the latter three extractors were assessed after agitation of the sample for one hour and after boiling for 5 minutes. The extraction procedure… CONTINUE READING