Mémoire et histoire dans un roman graphique en six volumes: double jeu, infotainment, obsession française?

  title={M{\'e}moire et histoire dans un roman graphique en six volumes: double jeu, infotainment, obsession française?},
  author={C(h)ris Reyns-Chikuma},
  journal={Modern \& Contemporary France},
  pages={207 - 229}
In October 2012 the sixth and last volume of the graphic novel Il était une fois en France [Once upon a time in France] was released. The six volumes, published at the rate of one per year since September 2007, cover the 60 years of the Jewish protagonist's life. It spans the time from Joseph Joanovici's birth in Kechinev [today's Moldavia] in 1905 to his death, alone and ruined, in Paris in 1965, and covers his four years of collaboration and resistance in Occupied France that saw him become a… 
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