Lysine 199 is the general acid in the NAD-malic enzyme reaction.

  title={Lysine 199 is the general acid in the NAD-malic enzyme reaction.},
  author={Dali Liu and William E. Karsten and Paul F. Cook},
  volume={39 39},
Site-directed mutagenesis was used to change K199 in the Ascaris suum NAD-malic enzyme to A and R and Y126 to F. The K199A mutant enzyme gives a 10(5)-fold decrease in V and a 10(6)-fold decrease in V/K(malate) compared to the WT enzyme. In addition, the ratio for partitioning of the oxalacetate intermediate toward pyruvate and malate changes from a value of 0.4 for the WT enzyme to 1.6 for K199A, and repeating the experiment with A-side NADD gives isotope effects of 3 and 1 for the WT and… CONTINUE READING

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