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Lyrics of Place in L 2 Cultural Studies Felicity Greenland

  title={Lyrics of Place in L 2 Cultural Studies Felicity Greenland},
  author={Felicity J Greenland},
〔Abstract〕 This working paper documents theory and practice behind the ongoing development of an L2 elective lecture course,‘Culture Through Music and Song’, at a Japanese university.After a brief overview of the course and its rationale there follows a discussion of common theories on the study of culture and their implications,for pedagogy in general and for this course in particular. Issues arising over the first five years of the course are discussed,along with efforts made so far to… 


Bimusicalism: The Implicit Dual Enculturation of Cognitive and Affective Systems.
It is found that while I and W listeners showed an in-culture bias, IW listeners showed equal responses to music from both cultures, suggesting that dual mental and affective sensitivities can be extended to a nonlinguistic domain.
Culture's Consequences: Comparing Values, Behaviors, Institutions and Organisations Across Nations
he publication of this second edition of Culture’s Consequences marks an important moment in the field of cross-cultural studies. The first edition of this book, published in 1980, launched what some
Tracking the Jack : a retracing the Antipodes
This work assesses the social, economic, political and cultural relationship between Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The book traces the movements of the "Jack" - the Union Jack, which
Recognition of emotion in Japanese, Western, and Hindustani music by Japanese listeners 1
Japanese listeners rated the expression of joy, anger and sadness in Japanese, Western, and Hindustani music. Excerpts were also rated for tempo, loudness, and com- plexity. Listeners were sensitive
Fakesong: The Manufacture of British Folksong 1700 to the Present Day
The early mediators, 1700-1725 from Thomas Percy to Joseph Ritson, 1760-1800 from Walter Scott to Robert Chambers, 1800-1830 from Thomas Wright to John Harland, 1830-1870 Francis James Child the
Listening to the River ( Medway )
  • Music Perception
  • 2009