[Lymphoproliferative diseases and paraproteinemias in Sjogren's syndrome].


Out of 8 cases of Sjörgren's syndrome observed by the authors between 1964 and 1974, 5 presented wit clinically as well as theoretically remarkable combinations of Sjögren's syndrome with lymphoproliferative disorders i.e. non-classifiable lymphoproliferative disease (case 1), Hodgkin's disease (case 2), reticulum cell sarcoma (case 3), and asymptomatic paraproteinemia of type IgM/K (cases 4 and 5). In case 1, manifestation of a lymphoproliferative disorder was preceded by autoimmune hemolytic anemia. In agreement with communications from several other authors, our observations confirmed the frequent occurrence of autoantibodies in patients with Sjörgren's syndrome. Forty-two more cases of lymphoproliferative disease in Sjögren's syndrome were found in the literature (Table 4). Pathologenetic problems arising from these nosological combinations are discussed.


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