Lymphokines facilitate maturation of oligodendrocytes in vitro

  title={Lymphokines facilitate maturation of oligodendrocytes in vitro},
  author={Akio Suzumura and Donald H. Silberberg},
  journal={Brain Research},
As oligodendrocytes develop in vitro, A2B5+ progenitor cells acquire the oligodendrocyte-specific marker, galactocerebroside (GalC), to become A2B5+ GalC+ cells. They then gradually lose reactivity to A2B5, to become A2B5- GalC+ mature oligodendrocytes. By examining this developmental surface antigen expression with and without lymphokine stimuli we found that crude lymphokines, but not interleukin-2 or gamma-interferon, facilitate this maturation process. Thus, lymphokines may have a role in… CONTINUE READING