Lymphoid chemokines in chronic neuroinflammation.

  title={Lymphoid chemokines in chronic neuroinflammation.},
  author={Francesca Aloisi and Sandra Columba-Cabezas and Diego Franciotta and Barbara Rosicarelli and Roberta Magliozzi and Richard Reynolds and Elena Ambrosini and Eliana M Coccia and Marco Salvetti and Barbara Serafini},
  journal={Journal of neuroimmunology},
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Lymphoid chemokines play an essential role in the establishment and maintenance of lymphoid tissue microarchitecture and have been implicated in the formation of tertiary (or ectopic) lymphoid tissue in chronic inflammatory conditions. Here, we review recent advances in lymphoid chemokine research in central nervous system inflammation, focusing on multiple sclerosis and the animal model experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. We also highlight how the study of lymphoid chemokines… CONTINUE READING