Lymphoepithelial cysts of oral mucosa: two cases in different regions.

  title={Lymphoepithelial cysts of oral mucosa: two cases in different regions.},
  author={Roberta Targa Stramandinoli-Zanicotti and L{\'u}cia F{\'a}tima de Castro {\'A}vila and Ana Claudia Santos de Azevedo Izidoro and F{\'a}bio Alves Izidoro and Juliana Lucena Schussel},
  journal={The Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College},
  volume={53 1},
Lymphoepithelial cyst of the oral cavity is a rare cystic lesion that presents as an asymptomatic, well-circumscribed, yellowish small submucosal nodule covered by normal overlying mucosa, usually located in the floor of the mouth or in the ventral or posterolateral surface of the tongue. Histopathological examination reveals a cyst lined by a stratified squamous epithelium surrounded by lymphoid tissue. In this paper, we report two cases of oral lymphoepithelial cyst, one on the anterior floor… CONTINUE READING


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