Lymphocytes forming stable E-rosettes in acute and chronic hepatitis.


Lymphocytes forming E-rosettes with sheep erythrocytes which do not disintegrate at 37 degrees C have been demonstrated in increased numbers in peripheral blood of patients with acute type B hepatitis (6--20% of lymphocytes) and with HBsAg negative active chronic hepatitis (9--28% of lymphocytes). They were not increased in patients with HBsAg positive… (More)


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@article{WansbroughJones1979LymphocytesFS, title={Lymphocytes forming stable E-rosettes in acute and chronic hepatitis.}, author={Mark H. Wansbrough-Jones and George Scullard and Amanda Nicholson and Adrian L. W. F. Eddleston and Roger Williams}, journal={Clinical and experimental immunology}, year={1979}, volume={35 3}, pages={390-6} }