Lymph node and spleen morphology in gnotobiotic rats

  • Z. S. Khlystova
  • Published 1976 in Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine


The lymph nodes, spleen, and adrenal cortex of 12 gnotobiotic and 12 control Wistar rats were investigated by the ordinary histological and histochemical methods. Absence of the normal microflora was shown to inhibit the development of the zone of B lymphocytes of the lymph node and to cause thickening of the adrenal cortex and enlargement of the lipid inclusions in its cells; no effect on the structure of the lymphoid follicles of the spleen could be found. Inhibition of lymphopoiesis in the rat lymph node takes place as a result of absence of direct microbial stimulation and its mechanism involves a hormonal principle. These factors have no effect on lymphopoiesis in the spleen, which is stimulated within the organ itself.

DOI: 10.1007/BF00797161

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