Lying for patients: physician deception of third-party payers.

  title={Lying for patients: physician deception of third-party payers.},
  author={V G Freeman and Saif S. Rathore and Kevin P. Weinfurt and Kevin A. Schulman and Daniel P. Sulmasy},
  journal={Archives of internal medicine},
  volume={159 19},
BACKGROUND Some physicians may resort to deception to secure third-party payer approval for patient procedures. Related physician attitudes, including willingness to use deception, are not well understood. OBJECTIVE To determine physician willingness to deceive a third-party payer and physician attitudes toward deception of third-party payers. METHODS A cross-sectional mailed survey was used to evaluate physician willingness to use deception in 6 vignettes of varying clinical severity… CONTINUE READING


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