Lycophytes and ferns composition of Atlantic Forest conservation units in western Paraná with comparisons to other areas in southern Brazil

  title={Lycophytes and ferns composition of Atlantic Forest conservation units in western Paran{\'a} with comparisons to other areas in southern Brazil},
  author={Mayara Lautert and L{\'i}via Godinho Temponi and Raquel Stauffer Viveros and Alexandre Salino},
  journal={Acta Botanica Brasilica},
This study surveyed lycophyte and fern species in four forest fragments in western Parana, Brazil, and compared them to 15 other fragments with different plant formations from the Atlantic Forest biome in southern Brazil. In total, five lycophyte species (in two families and two genera) and 98 species and two varieties of ferns (in 16 families and 38 genera) were registered in the four fragments. The most represented families were Pteridaceae (23 spp.), Polypodiaceae (18 spp.), Aspleniaceae (13… 

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