LyS at TASS 2013: Analysing Spanish tweets by means of dependency parsing, semantic-oriented lexicons and psychometric word-properties LyS en TASS 2013: Analizando tuits en castellano a través de análisis de dependencias, lexicones de opiniones y propiedades psicométricas del lenguaje


This article describes the approach developed by our group in order to resolve the sentiment analysis at a global level, topic identification and political tendency classification tasks on Spanish tweets; proposed at the Workshop of Sentiment Analysis at sepln (tass 2013). As a preliminary step, we carry out an ad-hoc preprocessing in order to normalise the tweets. We then apply part-of-speech tagging and dependency parsing algorithms to the tweets to obtain their syntactic structure. Our proposal also employs psychological resources in order to exploit the psychometric properties of human language. The experimental results confirm the robustness of the proposal, which has achieved good performance in general, being the best-performing approach in the topic classification task.

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