Lvliang Typical Loess Landslide Mechanism and Characteristics

  title={Lvliang Typical Loess Landslide Mechanism and Characteristics},
  author={Dong Qi Tang and Jian-bing Peng and Qi Yao Wang and Ji Shan Xu},
  journal={Applied Mechanics and Materials},
  pages={1313 - 1317}
The loess area ecology environment is very fragile, happening various geological disasters, loess landslides is one of the most mainly the geological disasters in loess area. Lvliang region loess hilly develops common, with the human economic activities increasing, inducing a lot of loess landslides. Taking typical loess landslides as the main research object, the loess landslides of Lvliang region from two aspects of characteristics and mechanism are analyzed. It is considered that the main… 
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