Luttinger liquid angle-resolved photoemission line shapes from samples of Li 0.9 Mo 6 O 17 grown by the temperature-gradient-flux technique

  title={Luttinger liquid angle-resolved photoemission line shapes from samples of Li 0.9 Mo 6 O 17 grown by the temperature-gradient-flux technique},
  author={Gey-Hong Gweon and S. K. Mo and J. W. Allen and J. He and Rongying Jin and David G. Mandrus and Hartmut Hǒchst},
  journal={Physical Review B},
Angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy line shapes measured for quasi-one-dimensional Li$_{0.9}$Mo$_6$O$_{17}$ samples grown by a temperature gradient flux technique are found to show Luttinger liquid behavior, consistent with all previous data by us and other workers obtained from samples grown by the electrolyte reduction technique. This result eliminates the sample growth method as a possible origin of considerable differences in photoemission data reported in previous studies of Li$_{0.9… 
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