Lutherans in Russia since 1990

  title={Lutherans in Russia since 1990},
  author={Gerd Stricker},
  journal={Religion, State \& Society},
  pages={101 - 113}
  • G. Stricker
  • Published 1 June 2001
  • History
  • Religion, State & Society
Origins Lutherans formed the most important Protestant group in the Russian Empire. As early as the mid-sixteenth century Tsar Ivan IV, 'the Terrible', called numerous weapon smiths, fortification designers, officers, artists and architects to Moscow from German lands, settling them in the 'German suburb' (Nemetskaya sloboda). With the tsar's permission the first Lutheran church in Russia was established in Moscow in 1576.' Baltic territories with a compact Lutheran population (Latvians… 

Russian German Lutheran 'Brotherhoods' in the Soviet Union and in the CIS: Comments on their Confessional Identity and on their Position in ELCROS

An article by Sergei Filatov appeared in Religion, State and Society vol. 28, no. 1 (March 2000) entitled 'Protestantism in postsoviet Russia: an unacknowledged triumph'. I am taking the opportunity

Russian German identity : transnationalism negotiated through culture, the hybrid and the spatial

Transnational theories of migration have come to the fore in social science research as scholars have sought to account for the effect of globalization upon the practice of migration. The formulation

Locating Ethnic Identity: Russian German Identity Construction in Ul’yanovsk

Abstract This essay presents a micro-level analysis of ethnic identity construction among ethnic Germans resident in Ul’yanovsk. The essay explores the local and trans-local situation of this group

The diversity of individual values and its role for organisations in the context of change

This doctorate aims to give an insight to the issue of value diversity on the example of three Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and to increase the understanding of the dynamics of



German protestants in Tsarist Russia and the Soviet Union

German church life in Russia has always been characterised by its extreme diaspora situation both denominationally and ethnically. Outside the Lutheran Baltic provinces Estonia, Livonia and Courland

A visit to German congregations in Central Asia

In June 1987 I was a member of a group of 20 clergymen who visited German congregations in Soviet Central Asia. The trip was organised by the Pastoral College of the Evangelical Church of Westphalia.

Evangelisch-lutherische Kirche in Russland, der Ukraine

  • 1995

In the monthly of the Ingrian Lutheran Church (Inkerin Kirkko/Tserkov' Ingrii, since 1997) all articles are published in both Finnish and Russian

    On the fate of the Russian Germans in Soviet Russia 1917-41, see Detlef Brandes

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