Luteolytic actions of peroxide in rat ovarian cells.

  title={Luteolytic actions of peroxide in rat ovarian cells.},
  author={Harold R. Behrman and Sean L. Preston},
  volume={124 6},
A hallmark of luteolysis is leukocyte infiltration. Phagocytic leukocytes are well known to evoke a burst release of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) of sufficient magnitude to injure cells. We, therefore, evaluated the effect of H2O2 in isolated rat luteal cells. Peroxide (100 microM; the near-half-maximal dose) markedly inhibited both LH-sensitive cAMP accumulation and progesterone production within 5 min of treatment. Cell levels of ATP were also reduced by H2O2, but not until 10 min after exposure… CONTINUE READING


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